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May 9-June 17
Come Spring Show
Opening Reception 5-7pm May 9
A group show celebrating spring and color
May 16
Body of Art Workshop with Jessica Ives
May 28
Color Theory Workshop with Jessica Ives
June 20-July 22
Frolic Show
Opening Reception 5-7pm June 20
A group show about summer play
July 25-Aug 26
Opening Reception 5-7pm July 25
A group show exploring water
Aug 29-Oct 7
Page Gallery Artists Show
Opening Reception 5-7pm August 29
An exhibition featuring Page Gallery Artists
Sep 16-19
Design Workshop with Colin Page
Sept 23-26
Color Workshop with Colin Page
Sept 30-Oct 3
Brushwork Workshop with Colin Page
Oct 11-Nov 25
Form Follows Function Show
Opening Reception 5-7pm October 11
A group show of functional art