Exhibition | Poetry in Motion

October 21 - November 27, 2021

We invite you to write poems in response to the images in this exhibit, as well as Sal Taylor Kydd's concurrent exhibit, Yesterday. This show makes connections between visual art and poetry to deepen our understanding of both. All artwork from the show is viewable in person at the gallery or online at the link below.

Writers may submit poems at the gallery or online with The Poets Corner by November 1. The Poets Corner will select 5-10 poets to read their poems in the group's online reading on Sunday, November 14. The artists in the show will also select 5-10 poets to read in person at the gallery on Saturday, November 20. Poets for both events will be notified of selections by November 10.

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David Graeme Baker, Historical Society with W.S. Merwin's poem, The Mapmaker

Vermeer’s geographer goes on looking
out of the window at a world that he
alone sees while in the room around him
the light has not moved as the centuries
have revolved in silence behind their clouds
beyond the leaves the seasons the numbers
he has not seen them out of that window
the world he sees is there as we see him
looking out at the light there in the window 

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