Colin Page

Maine Workshops


September 16-19, 2019

DESIGN will teach you to improve your understanding of composition by organizing values, balancing the canvas, and seeing the scene abstractly. This is the foundation of any good painting, and nearly every painter I know starts the painting process with a lot of compositional planning. I’ll help students find new ways to consider designing a painting, and also how to keep structure in place as a more colorful scene is developed. Set yourself up for success by starting each painting with a good foundation.


September 23-26, 2019

COLOR will teach you how to get the most out of your color palette. We will work on seeing more color as we study a scene, and then how to tell the story of those colors. This includes understanding color relationships, mixing color more accurately, and purposeful paint application. Clean and interesting color is the goal here. Color temperature shifts, harmonies and vibrations all add to the way a painting describes light, atmosphere and feeling. We will work on understanding the way color is the emotional heart of a painting.


September 30-October 3, 2020

BRUSHWORK will teach you about paint application. Painterly brushwork is a combination of loose and playful mark making, and an intentional application. We’ll work on different ways to add interest to our paintings through a variety of brushwork, and prioritizing the essential parts of the scene. This part of painting is a balance between play and careful thought. It’s about showing how much you love your materials by how you apply the paint.

We will dip into all aspects of painting in each of these classes, but I’ve found that class can be much more rewarding when I can hone in on a single theme for the week. I think this will be the best way to share as much knowledge as I can, and I look forward to teaching in this new structure.

12 students per class. Tuition $900.
Non-refundable $50 deposit to hold your place.

9am – 4pm Monday-Thursday*

*We will meet at the Page Gallery Sunday evening before class begins, to introduce ourselves and discuss plans for the week. There will also be some evening activities: a visit to my studio, a class dinner, possible evening demo, and some other adventures.

To Sign Up

Due to the popularity of our classes, we have a lottery system to sign up.

You have until January 31 in which you can apply for the class(es) you want to attend. During that time please email or call (207) 230-8048 with your name, phone, email and class preference. We will confirm each submission with a reply email/phone call. If we do not reply, we may not have received the submission.

Once the window closes, we will draw 12 names for each class with another 12 for a waiting list. Upon acceptance in the class, the $50 deposit is due to hold your place. Full non-refundable payment is due three weeks before class begins, so that we may open the waiting list with enough time for planning.