Art Education

Upcoming Workshops

The following workshops are scheduled for the next 3 months. For a complete listing of all scheduled workshops, visit the teacher pages for Colin Page and Jessica Ives

Color Theory with Jessica Ives

Tuesday May 28, 9am - 4pm with an hour lunch break

Whether you are a painter, sculptor, doodler, or just a fan of learning about the visual world, Jessica Ives will teach you about color. Jessica uses Joseph Albers approach to color theory, like many college foundation programs, teaching visual relationships, harmonies, and how color can play with our understanding of the visual world. Jessica takes these complex ideas and makes them fun and approachable for everyone. Learn how to make colors recede, advance, vibrate, or melt just by playing with proportion and juxtaposition. 

Tuition: $180

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or call (207) 230-8048