Ask an Artist: Ben Breda

April 27, 2020

Each week, Page Gallery asks an artist the same five questions. This week, we asked Ben Breda, who is featured in our Gallery Windows this week, and has knives available to view and purchase here

1. How did you end up focusing on your chosen medium?

At one point I deciding I needed a new career path and wanted to focus on something I loved.  I’ve always had an interest in knives as well as metalwork and metallurgy. Combining the two was a perfect fit. 

2. Tell me about an inspiration to your work? Book, exhibit, experience?

I get so much inspiration from other full time artists. Hearing or seeing success stories or hearing artist’s thought processes, or way of doing things is incredibly valuable to me. When I’m inspired by other artists/makers my best work always follows. 

3. What do you listen to when creating in the studio? Favorite music, podcast, radio, audiobook?

I mostly listen to music. I like many different genres. I’ll listen to one type of music and once that gets old I’ll switch to something new. But sometimes just working in silence is best. 

4. What is your favorite tool/supply? Or is there a non work related item in the studio that has significant value to you. 

The old American machines I use are definitely my favorite. Like lathes, milling machines, surface grinders, and power hammers. They are just so nice to use and are built much better than most machines today. 

5. How does your studio process change with the seasons in Maine? Do you ever take an extended break from your art practice?

The seasons don’t change my processes much. Winter is a good time to get a lot of forging done. It helps keep the studio warm. Being a full time artist, I like being in my studio everyday. If I need a break, I’ll take some time off, but so far not for extended periods of time. 

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