Rockport, Maine Bridge History

May 19, 2020

Siri Beckman's wood engraving of Rockport shows us the Goose River Bridge in 1932.

Historically, the Goose River Bridge was critical to the decision to split Camden and Rockport into separate towns in 1891. The cost of the bridge was the source of great debate. "Reuel Robinson wrote in his book, History of Camden and Rockport, that “sectional feelings ran high and sectional virulence became so acute that for a time it was hardly safe for a Rockport man to favor the proposition to ‘divide’ or a Camden man to oppose it.” [Pen Bay Pilot]

Goose River Bridge - and train tracks to the lime kilns. (image from Camden Public Library.)
Goose Rive Bridge (image from Town of Rockport - Legacy Rockport Facebook Page.)
Rockport, Maine, Postcard (image from Bridge Hunter)

The metal bridge was destroyed in 1946 when a driver took out one of the bridge posts and the structure collapsed. The current steel stringer bridge was built in 1951, and still today gives us one of the best views of Rockport Harbor. [Pen Bay Pilot]

Goose River Bridge today (image from Rockport Garden Club Facebook Page)

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