On the Cusp of Summer

May 26, 2021

There is no denying that living at a latitude of 44.2°N isn't easy in the winter, with darkness closing in at nearly four o'clock most afternoons. The trade-off comes now and into the season ahead, when the sky begins to brighten at four in the morning and dusk settles around the harbor well after nine. All of this daylight means packing as much good into a day as possible - saying yes to all of the picnics, swims, sails, ice cream and, if you're in Maine, lobster, buttery corn and blueberry pie. The calendar is tracked by the return of peepers, smell of lilac blossoms, arrival of black flies and mosquitoes, harvests in the garden, fireflies and the tempo of a cricket's chirp. The measure of how fun a day has been can be found in the number of new bumps and bruises on a child's knees, the stickiness of their chin and color of the bathwater before bed. May is the sweet spot - standing at the beginning, happily anticipating the days before us. 

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