Jessica Lee Ives Magic Water

May 5, 2020

In Jessica Lee Ives paintings, light and reflection move with ripples in the water. Fluid shifts reveal what’s below before obscuring it with the reflection of the sun and sky above. The surface of the water acts as the magician, redirecting our eye, and making us question reality. 

Painting water always feels a bit like a magic trick. Water is constantly in motion. Jessica has to freeze a moment in time, while also suggesting the seconds and minutes before and after. Her water feels alive and changing, despite the confident clear strokes of color that hold us in a moment. These paintings are about the enigmatic qualities of water being affected by time, light, movement, and it’s own transparency. 

When we look at one of Jessica’s swimmers we immerse ourselves, remembering the taste and smell of lake water, the sound of water lapping and the feeling of buoyancy. There is wizardry in these paintings that take us out of our bodies, transporting us to a different time and place.

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