A Moment Suspended

May 25, 2020

Sal Taylor Kydd's photographs and poems distill our lives down to the essence of our most treasured memories. Her work is romantic. Each form plays off the other - her photographs have a visual poetry, and her poems brim with potent imagery.

In the current exhibition, Out of Curiosity, Sal's photographs capture the wonder of childhood and our own curious nature. Her poem, A Gift for Evening, articulates how profoundly the fleeting moments that delight and enchant us can stay suspended to shape our perspective and form our most precious memories.

A Gift for Evening 

by Sal Taylor Kydd

Finally it is evening.
In the kitchen,
the children chatter,
Outrage, then
laughter breaks
over the dishes.
I am washing up,
bent over, 
wiping away, 
the endless remains
of dinner.
We careen through chaos, 
in each others way —
yet pulled together,
like random space junk
orbiting the sun.
Intent upon routine,
I find comfort in
this domestic rhythm. 

Through the window, 
the Spring light strikes 
a stand of trees, 
the sky behind them,
The lone birch, 
where the swing 
hangs vacant,
is lit, as if by torchlight.
All alive in limb and sinew
it calls on us to notice.
We pause and stare
at this, the world cracked open,
light pours in

Just as quick, 
the moment’s gone, 
an evening gift
we hold forever.

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