Upcoming Workshops with Jessica Ives


October 20, 2019

9am - 4pm with an hour lunch break

Although this class does not use paint, no study could be more relevant to the painter — or designer, photographer, quilter, student — than our study based on Josef Albers Interaction Of Color. Because color is not static and cannot be understood in isolation, a technical approach based on the colorwheel and mixing rules does not serve us. Instead, our approach is experiential. Through trial and error we accumulate experience observing and articulating the color we see when challenged with a series of problems and illusions. Can you make one color appear as two? Can you make color recede or vibrate in space just by playing with proportion and juxtaposition? Can you make an opaque color appear transparent? In this six-hour workshop we develop a series of fully notated color sketches as possible answers to these questions. Interspersed within the Interaction of Color framework, we will also learn about the physical eye itself. By understanding a few key concepts of biomechanics and vision ecology, we will develop our physical capacity for sight and learn to care for career-long and lifelong vision. Workshop participants receive a bibliography for further color exploration and an eye care guide. Workshop participants bring their own 8x10 (or larger) sketchbook. All other materials are provided.

Tuition: $180

For all inquiries email kirsten@thepagegallery.com
or call (207) 230-8048