Upcoming Workshops with Jessica Ives

Body of Art with Jessica Ives

Thursday May 16, 5 - 6pm

As an artist, your primary tool is your body. Without it you cannot connect to the brush you paint with, the instrument you play, the floor you dance across, or the pen (even laptop!) you use to write. Studies show that pain experienced in the body limits creative capacity. When our bodies hurt, there are corresponding places in our imagination we can no longer access; and yet, as creatives, we are often encouraged to sacrifice our bodies for our art. Shoulders and hips begin to ache, eyesight and dexterity of hand become strained, necks and spines stiffen. What to do? Jessica is both a clinical massage therapist and a movement clinician, and in this hour-long class she combines her knowledge of the human body in motion with her experience as a studio artist in order to share simple moves and strategies that lengthen your creative career by caring for your primary tool.

Tuition: Free

Color Theory with Jessica Ives

Tuesday May 28, 9am - 4pm with an hour lunch break

Although we do not use paint in this class, no study could be more relevant to the painter — or designer, photographer, quilter, student — than our study base on Josef Albers Interaction Of Color. Because color is not static and can not be understood in isolation, a technical approach based on the color wheel and mixing rules does not serve us. Instead, our approach is experiential. Through trial and error we accumulate experience observing and articulating the color we see when challenged with a series of problems and illusions. Can you make one color appear as two? Or two as one? Can you make color recede, advance, vibrate, or melt just by playing with proportion and juxtaposition? Can you make an opaque color appear transparent? In this six-hour workshop we develop a series of fully notated color sketches as possible answers to these questions. We then develop our sketches into final works suitable for framing. Workshop participants receive handouts, emailed resources, and a bibliography for further exploration. We cover core concepts behind color relatedness and each participant leaves with a more finely tuned eye and greater sense of wonder. All materials are provided except for an 8x10 inch (or larger) sketchbook of the participants choice, xacto knife, scissors, metal ruler, and small container of rubber cement.

Tuition: $180

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